Monday, February 6, 2017

Healthy Body vs Sexy Body series

What's the difference between a healthy body and a sexy body? Eating smaller portionsand choosing healthy foods over fattening foodscan help reduce weight. Ultimately I've found that if I'm not getting regular exercise, it's difficult to build and maintain a strong body.

Fear Less (Always Believe)
Is it important to be skinny at any cost? Do models, actors, boxers, and jockeys struggle with eating less to meet weight limits? I guess healthy body wins: I can imagine running a marathon, but I'm not interested in winning a beauty contest. How about you?

Women Against Rice Cakes
How healthy do I feel in my birthday suit? Are there new shapes thanks to 20 years of compounded gravity weighing down my aging body parts? Do I compare my body to those in magazines or at the gym? Do I honor each wrinkle and curve the same as I do the wisdom I've collected over the years?

Nude With Attitude
Who says healthy living can't also taste yummy? With the variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and other foods, who needs the sugar-laden alternatives? When I want to indulge, moderation is the key to me staying on trackand to avoid feeling guilty for eating too much.

Body image is often on my mind. Even though I eat fat-free, it's hard to avoid being obese. Who makes these categories anyways?

Virtually Fat Free
I love having a healthy body image going into a relationship; it makes me feel sexy. Like most folks, I'm self-conscious without clothes. When my partner smiles, naked is just another state of being.