Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Review Your Dream Collage

How can a dream collage help us refine our vision? After you've made your collage, look at it while answering these questions:
  1. What have I learned about myself from looking at my Dream Collage?
  2. Do I see any patterns?
  3. Is there a relationship between images? Why did I place one image next to another image?
  4. Does anything on my Dream Collage surprise me?
  5. If I knew that all of the images and this Dream Collage would come in to my life, would I be OK with that?
  6. Who do I need to become in order to fulfill the intentions on my Dream Collage?
  7. Based on my Dream Collage, what quality will I commit to developing this year?
Questions based on "Create a Life Map". Read more: