Monday, February 13, 2017

"Love and Marriage" series

This collage series on 'love and marriage' is a light-hearted look at some of the ingredients that go into a good relationship. It evolved over the course of a few years, in repsonse to my divorce. Single life is fulfilling, but I'm ready to start dating. For right now, "Who Needs Marriage?

Who Needs Marriage?
Love is a wonderful feeling. Romantic love can make the world feel brighter and more complete. Is it too soon to ask, "Am I more attracted to the feeling or the person?"

Romatic Love
I'll be the first to admit, getting naked with someone I love is way better than any 'friends with benefits' type of situation. Could shared interests, mutual respect, caring honesty, trusted intimacy, and committed sex be the ingredients of a lasting relationship?

After the relationship has been established, then the real fun begins. Who used the last sheet of toilet paper? Who's cooking dinner tonight? Where will we vacation together this year? Learning to share the same space, even if for a fleeting moment, is love's biggest adventure.

His & Hers