Monday, July 10, 2017

"First Date to Divorce" series

I just edited my website to change the word 'husband' to 'ex-husband'. After five years, it's time to move on. In which collages did I mention my ex-husband? Does this ex-husband collage series (from first date to divorce) tell me anything new? On one of our first dates, we made a dream collage. Here's mine.

Set Yourself Free
Here's my ex-husband's dream collage.

Hello World
We waited two years before getting married. When I pasted the picture of a bride holding a hammer with the words "Hissy Fit" in our wedding collage, was that forshadowing our divorce or merely recognizing the stress of planning the wedding?

Here Comes the Bride
My ex-husband was a huge Salma Hayek fan. For his birthday, I made this collage of the actress attempting to answer the question, ‘What is Sexy?’

Beauty Rules (Salma Hayek)
My ex-husband’s decision to become a massage therapist inspired dreams of our own massage studio with Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga classes.

Be Inspired
My ex-husband enjoyed dressing up like a clown for parties and parades. One day we visited the U.S. Capitol for an event and took photos. This collage celebrates his passion for spreading fun and joy.

Love Sex Comedy
In 2009, my ex-husband and I lost our jobs as the recession hit hard. With 10 percent unemployment, job hunting became the national pastime, many lost their homes, and shopping malls emptied. Through it all, we were urged to keep buying.

Money 6: Burn Rubber
The dollar’s value dropped, countries went bankrupt, and riots spiked overseas. TV shows explained how to spend frugally. My ex-husband went back to school. Changing his career seemed worth the investment.

Money 7: Wither the Dollar
Getting divorced was tough. Learning how to love again, even tougher. My healthy sense of humor carried me thru the toughest times.

Who Needs Marriage?