Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween "Who Am I?" series

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It lets me see the world from a brand new perspective, one based on that year's costume. The power of believing the story I tell about my life can limit my growth if I let it. Am I a victim of my success, or the hero of my life? 

The Power of Belief
My ex-husband used to dress up as a clown, spreading fun to kids as I drove JoyCar in local parades, bubbles flowing out the back of that funny, polka-dotted car. Who needed Halloween? I noticed that kids' ability to stay in the moment is intoxicating; they are exactly who they were born to be.

Love Sex Comedy
Part of living my 'new' story is inviting all the mystical, magical, spiritual serendipity into my awareness on a daily basis. My luck, intuition, sixth sense, and belief in a power greater than myself (who gently guides me) drive both my collage art and my emerging career as a Dream Collage Artist.

Mountain Magic
Envisioning life as a Dream Collage Artist usually reveals new avenues for me to explore, such as seeing potential where others see problems, investing in right now, and finding out who I have not yet become. This collage asks, "Can you change your destiny before noon?"